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Eyewitness reports of Scandinavians / Swedes in Soviet Captivity

As mentioned in testimonies in the Raoul Wallenberg Case.

 (Not Listed on Russian Prisoner Cards – Roosarchiv – and not including Kirunaor Gammailsvenskby Swedes).


Named Swedes





Flyer, 1951 Vorkuta

UD Filed Testimony of Manfred

Possibly identical with Harald Adamson

Adler, Herbert





Aidam, Bernard Franz

b. 1896, German artist interned in Poland, 1948 in repatriation camp.


Adbedyll, Silvius

Arrested 1946 in Ruegen, Executed in 1947.


Albers, Gustaf Johan

Born 1904, evangelist, Swedish citizen, arrested 1945.


Alerius, Al

Spy for Finland, released 1978?


Andersson, Eduards

Swedish agent, arrested October 1945, Latvia.


Andersson, Arvid

Latvian SS

See German Red Cross


Andersson, Willy

Mordova 1979, supposedly long time prisoner

Testimony of Paul Brawer


Andresen, Jacob Andreas

Born 1920, Danish Lt. in SS Division Nordland. Sentenced on April 5, 1950 by Military Tribunal in Kiev.




Supposedly “Swedish Consul” Vorkuta with Hult, 1950

Testimony of Alexander Thomsen.


Angerborg, Josef







Bastamov, Vladimir

Finnish with Swedish family. In Vladimir Prison, released November 1956.

UD Files


Bergholm, Ulrich

Born 1924, Finn


Bergstrom, Holger

Born Sweden 1920 or 1922, grew up in Silesia, stateless, served in SS. Arrested 1946, 1947 - sentenced 1948 for Espionage. 1949 INTA. Released November 1956.


Bjoerk, Gunther

Worked for Germans

Also Piorg

Bjorkelund, Boris

Finnish. 1945-1955.


Bionarius, Wilhelm

Born 1909. Estonian


Blom, Lars


Book, Karl

Born 1925, DC-3. Missing since June 1952.


Brandenberger, Karl

Swiss diplomat, repatriated 1946.


Brangt, Srthur

Born 1920. Arrested in Berlin.


Bringentoff, Nils

Born March 25, 1926. Released early 1956.


Bulman (Bornan)

Reportedly in Vladimir

Von Wetschl, Kelly

Maybe be identifical to Boman, Unto-Ilmari A.

Broberg, Andreas Paul

Born 1904, Danish captain in SS Division Nordland, sentenced on December 24, 1949 by Military Tribunal to 25 years.


Carlson, Peder

Kistarca, Hungary


Carlsson, Mogens



Christiansen, Christian

Danish Pastor, released 1948.


Deutschbein, Curt

Released 1951.


Dirchssen/Dirksen, Hans


Ditrus, Valentin

Born 1917, Swede, served in Germany Army.


Domjorgen, Terr

Born 1907, engineer. Together with Dr. Johansson, seen in Camp 7062/13 Kiev

Testimony of “Caritas Sueciae


Eichenbaum, Adolf


Edvard Michael

Alias Lundgren, Oskar Fredrik Wilhelm, Linder, Edvard EICHENBAUM.


Engstrom, Nils

Arrrested 1977; together with Bengt Sareld; released same year.






Erlandsson, Karl Einer

Sailor. In Butyrka 1945, released 1946-1947.



Arrested 1944 in Eastern Europe; Red Cross association. Held in Camp 27 and Lubyanka, then Vladimir 1950

Ludwig Hunoldt

With two other unidentified Swedes


From Norrkoeping, wife’s name ended in –kvist. Worked for German Intelligence. 1952-54 Spaask.


Erns, Alfred

Born 1922.


Fahrstrom, Bror          

Born 1912.  Soldier. Arrested 1944.


Von Feilitzen, Bertil

Born 1911.   Not clear if ever in Soviet Captivity.


Fischer, Hans


Forsberg, Harry William


Fredriksson/ Friedrichsen

Swedish/German, seen in 1955, about 72 years old.


Fri, Sven Knut

Born 1915, Danish.  Company commander. Sentenced on June 28.1950 by Military Tribunal in Kiev to 25 years.


Frost, Henning

Born 1912, arrested 1945.  In Vorkuta 1952-53. Returned 1958.


Gottlieb, Roland

German diplomat married to a Swedish woman. Arrested 1944 in Sofia.  Indirect witness to Raoul Wallenberg in Lefortovo 1947-1948.



In Vladimir in the 1950s

Cumish and Kelly


Guenther, Tobis          

Born 1925, Inta.


Gus, Andrei



Gustavsson, Knut

Born 1917, Danish, arrested in Danzig 1947. Sentenced to 25 years in Kiev in 1949; held in Stalingrad, released 1955.


Gustavsson, Nils


Gustavsson, Olof

Born 1920.  Seen May-July 1949 in Camp 7062/13.


Hallisk, Evald

Arrested 1949, Butyrka 1952.  Released


Halnbeck, Etien


Harewes, Wirgo Magnus

Born 1911, Estonians. Arrested 1943, sentenced to 25 years.  In INTA 1956.


Harjo, Oswald


Hasse, H.J.


Hagstrom/Hegstrom Valentins

Born 1920.  Finn.  Used alias “Vinogradov. Interned in Vienna, 1945.



Swedish Red Cross official.

Ambiguous whether a prisoner

Hjortzberg-Nordlund Johan

Swedish diplomat, traveled through Soviet territory on way home from Teheran.


Holmstrom, Gustaf Leo

Finnish deserter 1944.  May have been a sailor.  May have been released in 1953.


Hult-Eskola, Nanna

Born 1909. Vorkuta 1946 – 1954.


Isaksen, Emil

Norwegian fisherman, released 1953.


Italiener, Felix

Born 1919, musician. Claimed to be Swedish. Arrested Berlin 1949,  in Vorkuta; Bikovo 1955. Released 1958.

Alias: Hans Tanzer?

Jefferson, Johan

Born about 1905, allegedly Swedish Businessman, arrested 1950 in Hungary.

Name and identity unconfirmed.


Jensen, Olof

25 years old.  Seen in October 1953, Camp 231, Kirov.

May be pseudonym.




Johannson, Arne

Swede working for Swedish Match in Budapest, disappeared. Fate unclear.


Johansson, Karl

Abducted Vienna, 1949.


Johansson, Fredrik, Dr.

Born 1890s.  Grey hair, strong build. Arrested 1944 in Central Europe, first taken to Jacsi.  Seen 1955 gong from Mamrosh-Siketh to Ukraine.


Johansson, Dr.

Born 1897.  Seen in Kiev, Camp 7062/13.

Testimony of “Caritas Sueciae


Johansson, Emil

Arrested 1951, Hungary.


Jorgensson/Johansson, Nils Hilding

Born 1918 or 1920.  Businessman arrested in 1945 in Dresden. Swedish consulate. Remains unidentified.

Russian Foreign Ministry


Jorgensen, Sven

Omsk (1947-1949)

Testimony of Ott


Kivarimes, Georg A.

Born 1923, arrested 1944/45. Sentenced to 10 years, lived in USSR after release from prison until return to Sweden in 1968.


Krasnov, Nikolai

Arrested 1945 in Baden Austria – held in LUBIANKA, Lefortovo, Butyrkas Krash, in Taishet, 1950.


Krenholm, Lars



Kronstrom, Gunnar

Identical with Carl Gunnar Kronberg

Kvist, Ake

Born 1920, Finn. Sentenced in Leningrad in 1951.


Koseema, Karl


Testimony of Gottlieb


Lagua, Arnold Jan

Sea Captain with a Swedish son. Associated with “Nansen passes. Spaask/Sulikamsk 1954; Karaganda, 1955;


Langert, Hans Albert

Born 1910 – Taken off repatriation train by plainclothes Soviet Authorities before it reached the border

Not sure if Swedish or Swiss

Larsen, Hans

Danish, in camp with Knut Gustafsson in Stalino.


Larsen, Otto

Born 1920, Norwegian.  Held with Henning Froesth in Komsomolsk in 1945.


Larsson, Gustaf          

Swedish communist, served in Soviet Navy 1952, Radiostanza,


Leuvenhaupt, Karl-Mauritz

1948 in Lefortovo, then Sukhanovo

Testimony of De Latry



Inta/Abez 1953

Testimony of Felchner


Lindqvist, Albert Gustaf


Lindstrom, Artur


Lindstrom, Goesta Nils

Born 1920.  May-July 1949 in Camp 7062/13 Kiev.


Lonnberg, Gustav Hermann


Lundberg, Manfred

Held in Focsani, Rumania. Released by 1946.





Lundquist, Erik Joergen

Born 1918,  Danish Private Sentenced on March 12, 1949 by Military Tribunal in Kharkov to 25 years

Confirmed from Swedish archives


Lundqvist, Paul Eric

Possibly Danish.  In Sverdlovsk 1955, previously in Vorkuta and Inta.


Lonnberg, Gustav Hermann

Fisherman, Vorkuta


Lynkow, Olof

Born 1911, allegedly served as consular Secretary in Stuhlweissenbur.  Had wife and three children.  Interned in 1944 by Soviet troops

Name & identity unconfirmed


Magnusson, Otto

Seen in Kistarca Hungary in 1951.


Mandula, Georg

Hungarian, employee of Tungsram/Oion who pretended to be Swedish.


Maximoff, Vasily

A Finn held in Vladimir Prison


Mikkelsen, Axel

Dane who worked for the German Red Cross, arrested in Budapest in 1945.


Mueller-Jernstad, Walter


Jesinger-Myrman, Charlie (Karl Richard)

Born 1920.  Blond, blue eyes.Arrested in Berlin in 1945 attached to the Swedish Consulate. In Vorkuta in 1948, INTA in 1955.


Nagy, Karl

Abducted in 1949 in Vienna. Stateless


Niedre, Laimons

Unclear if actually Swedish.  Held in Camp 385/5. In 1979, released for health reasons.


Nielsen, Erik Henrik

Born 1923. Danish.  Squad commander in SS Division Nordland, sentenced on April 6, 1950 by the Military Tribunal in Kiev to 25 years.


Nielsen/Nilsson, Paul

Vladimir, INTA

Testimony of Kelly


Nielsen, Paul

Danish, sentenced at a military tribunal in the German occupational zone in Germany on 18.3.1948 as an American spy

Danish archives




Testimony by Manfred


Nilsson, Borje

Born 1923.  Crew of the DC – 3.


Nommik, August

Born 1903 or 1923.  Estonian


Nordstrom, Paul

Mechanic/driver seen in Krasnogorsk in 1947, released in 1948.


Nordstrom, Sven/Sverre


Oldenberg, Olae

Elderly Swede held in Moscow State University closed psychiatric ward. Had to teach Swedish to security officers.


Oldenstrom, Leopold

Died in captivity in 1942

Possibly identical with Andstrom.


Fisherman.  Not sentenced. Said to have been in Vorkuta in 1949 according to a report released in 1955


Olsson, Stig Lennart

Born 1923.


Von Ottingen, Dietrich, Carl Arthur

Born 1908.  Married to a Swede. Physicist. Arrested in 1945.


Palffy, Karoly

Head of Swedish spy ring in Central Europe after 1953.  Not clear if in captivity.


Palmkron, Bernard

Estonian Swede, held in Vorkuta

Testimony of Gottlieb


Patterson or Peterssen

A Swedish intelligence man sent to the Far East early on (mid to late 40s)

American intelligence


Persson, Gosta

Per testimony of returned Danish prisoners of war


Persson, Sten

Seen in Kistarca, Hungary in 1951.


Petterson, Oscar


Poska, Jan

Married to a Swede.  Arrested in 1944 and held in Vorkuta and Omsk, may have been released in 1957 or died.


Quist, Sven Ebbe



Seen twice by witness in the Gulag - once in transit depot Moscow and the other in a camp near Perm

Testimony of Babko


Rennberg, Viktor

Born 1909.  Finn. Arrested 1944.


Rosvaenge, Helge


Rudkovski, Arnold

Born 1905. A Swede who served in the German Army, captured 1945 in Czechoslovakia, transferred to Repatriation camp in 1949.


Af Sandeberg, Evald

Swedish journalist; Moscow Prisons and Camp 27


Sandberg, Paul

Kistarca Hungary


Sandell, Tor-Bjorn


Sandersson, Ola          

Born 1922.  Held in Lubyanka/Lefortovo. Identity unconfirmed.  Possibly identical with Anderson

Testimony of De Latry


Sareld, Bengt

Arrested in 1977.  Together with Nils-Erik Engstrom.  Released same year.


Sarfeld, Arnd

Arrested 1946 in Berlin, sentenced to 10 years at age 25, in Taishet in 1950.

Identical with Walther?

Seefeld, Erich Edgar

In Orel in 1945. Died.


Sather, Ingvald


Schmitt, Erik

Born 1876


Sigalet, Smil

Born 1926.  A Russian citizen who served in the German army, arrested in Austria in 1945.





Singler, Bukhe

Born 1923.


Stark, Otto


Stavanger, Karl Johan



Svensson, August


Svensson, Ernst


Svensson, Gustaf H


Szabo, Arpad

Born in 1920, served in the Hungarian Army, arrested in 1945.


Tanzer, Hans

Born 1920.  Photographer arrested in May 1945 in Czechoslovakia, released in 1955.


Tamvelius, Artur

May 2, 1907.  Returned 1956.


Tent, Victor

Estonian., father owned a canning factory. Came to Sweden in 1944 and  left in 1950 in Vorkuta -- 1954.


Thomsen, Alexander

Danish.  In Soviet captivity between 1945 and 1955 in Potma, Abez, Vorkuta.


Tonnison, Peter

Estonian, arrested in Berlin in 1948

Testimony of Von Schwab


Tonisson, Jasper Peet

Born 1912, arrested April 4, 1950; Sentenced on July 26, 1950 to 25 plus 5 years.  In 1955 his sentence was commuted to five plus two years. Died in captivity on May 4, 1956.


Triborn, Harald

Born 1918 – parents allegedly Swedish.  Blond blue eyes, arrested in Berlin.  Seen in Sverdolvsk.


Truck, Walter R

Born 1923.  Swedish soldier, arrested in October 1944.






Wahlberg, Frans Oscar

Born 1900.  Swedish/Finnish volunteer in SS, captured and released in 1946.

Testimony of Manfred



Seen in Vorkuta 1948-1950

Possibly identical with Rudolph Axel Wahlstrom


With two Swedish officers and the fisherman Olsson

Testimony of Gerhard Leibnitz



Lwow- 1947

Testimony of Gustav Schmidt


Wallenberg, Raoul H.

Born 1913.  1955 entry in Norilsk.


Von Wallenberg, Baron

Vorkuta-Shaft 8 – October 1949. Had dark hair

Testimony of H. Schneider


Von Wallenberg, Baron           

Vorkuta Rechnoi Camp 6

Testimony of Gerhard Leibnitz


Wallenberg, Graf

Seen in Inta in 1958 and Asbest

Testimony of Wegener


Wallenbergis, Raul

Gorky Region – 1955.  Folk group of men’s choir performed at a woman’s camp. Although allegedly Lithuanian, sang a Swedish song.  Photo provided of group through witness

Testimony of Shinkarenko


Waiso, August

Born 1902.  Prisoner card mentions Uppsala.  Released in 1948.






Walter, Egon Alexander

Born 1920.  Arrested in Manchuria in 1945; sentenced to 25 years. Norilsk


Wiffert, Karl Ernst

Born 1898 Danish.  Colonel in SS division Wiking, sentenced on

April 5, 1950 by the Military Tribunal in Kiev to 25 years.


Wilborg, Raoul orWilberg, Raoul

Red Cross chief in Prague.  Held in Taishet in 1953

Testimony of Bornschein


Wrangel, Boris or Klaus

Belgian Swede


Zelts, Walter

May be German


Zheldovsky, Franz

Born 1902.  Arrested in 1945